Kamis, 09 April 2009

Dita Anastasya

Dita Anastasya-Tasya. Who born in 29 August 1994 in Jakarta. Dio know her? She is my classmate in this grade. She is too funny, her life is full with humors and the one thing.........she is very kind.

actually, first I thought she was annoying. but it was not when I've become her bestfriends. She was helpful and kind. Moreover, she was able to know my feelings. But she still did not have to be outdone by the people. sometimes I hate it

Oke i just finished took a votes about tasya. I will give it the result

Hasby: Baik orangnya asik, dia gak pernah cari masalah sama gue sih jadi santai2 aja
Bea: Ka tasya orangnya baik lucu suaranya kenceng
Ajeng: Baik, lucu, imut imut
Rara: Alay, norak baik, gila, asik, baik dan dia teman ku
Atho: Ngocol
Fahzan: Baik, lucu, imut