Senin, 14 September 2009

Movie marathon

Night bloggers! Well today was really fun. Began in the morning till this last night of today.

I've watched movie marathon on this afternoon with my pals, @ teras kota. Firstly we watched final destination 4, it was great, but it wasn't really great as before final destination 4. Maybe cause i didn't watch 3D ya i dont know, but i wasn't regret about it. Then we watched the shortcut. I never know about that film before, but my friends were excited to watch it, so we did. I came to studio late, and a film already played for 3minutes ago. When i saw, it was like jadul film. It was so 80's and i tought a producer wasn't really intention to make this movie, cause it seems like they shooted by standard handycam. But on next, i can enjoyed the film. It was about a killer. Ya so, there was an old man who live in a shortcut that full with tree. He has a psycho son. And they were a killer. Whoever walk in shortcut, they will be die! Then since, some of teenagers lost in there cause by killed, the shortcut closed. And nobody try to walk there. I can't share too much about this film, cause the pattern back and forth, so too hard for me to tell u well.

After finished watch, i came home, then went to ILP immediatly. I got home, was online on laptop, has ate a dinner at sector 9, and i bought 3 dvds, it was orphan, 2012, and all days before tomorrow. I bought a dvd all days before tomorrow, cause i was remembering rara when i took that dvd. Rara once said, if the movie was very good, and sad. Arrived at home, and now, i'm napping on my bed. Ready to sleep. So goodnight

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